Recap of QuickBooks Online Training in Adelaide

Ahhhh, Adelaide. Such an unknown to me, and even though I was only there about 24 hours,  I can only hope I’ll have a chance to go back to visit my new friends some day.

My training partner, Kamlesh Mahtani, and I did one day of training in Adelaide; we had such an amazing time, I’m sad we didn’t get the same 3 days as we did in Sydney and will here in Melbourne.

The Adelaide crowd started arriving early, and right away Kamlesh and I could tell the day would be a little different – many of them seemed to know each other already and the atmosphere was much more casual than previous events. All but two of them were unfamiliar with QuickBooks Online and the Intuit Business Builder website. We spent a little more time introducing Intuit and the history of QBO than we had in Sydney and when we got to the part about signing up as an Intuit ProCloud Partner and using the Intuit Business Builder – every single person left that training as a member.

I was so excited; one of the things I appreciate about Intuit is how the value the accounting professional and provide us with free resources, training and tools to help us grow our practice and service our clients effectively.

This group was so eager to learn as much as they could, and not just about the product features – about how to handle document management when working remotely, for their GST and BAS reporting requirements. They wanted to talk about how I do scheduling, project management and how I determine my flat rate billing. As with Sydney, we all had the same common ground when it came to clients: we all have clients that forget what we tell them, we have some that we love so much we want to put them in our pocket and take them home with us, and at the end of the day we all want the same thing: to do our jobs the best we can and help them manage their finances so they can work on growing a successful business.

They were so eager, in fact, that Kamlesh and I had to keep reminding them to quiet down – they got so excited about a feature or aspect of the training that they would start to talk amongst themselves about the implications it may have for clients. At one point I had to clap my hands and shout: “People! We need to focus!”

(Kamlesh wanted me to make sure I mentioned here that he’s performed like a rock star on this training tour, and from the reaction in Adelaide, I can’t argue.)

Each group of training attendees has had distinct personalities, and we’ve enjoyed each one. They’ve all been so engaged and have had insights and comments on how they’ll be able to use QBO and additions they’d like to see in future updates.

At the end of the day, we play a version of QBO “Jeopardy” to review what we’ve taught them in each sessions with light up buttons and a control buzzer to indicate when they tap in and get the answers either right or wrong. The teams are very competitive and have so much fun with it.

The last thing I’m going to say about my Adelaide peeps is they’re the only group that was so rowdy we had to bring the buzzer out during training, and that’s my favorite thing about that group. I so hope I get a chance to get back there!

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