Recap of QuickBooks Online Training in Sydney

As I start this post, I’m waiting for the last day of Sydney training to start and am thinking about a conversation I had with my daughter this morning before heading to the training offices. I told her that I had kangaroo and crocodile for dinner the other night. Her knee jerk reaction was to ask: “WHY?”, which cracked me up. I told her simply that it was different, I’ve never seen it on a menu and I don’t have any idea when I’ll be back to Australia to have it again.

On the walk from the hotel to training, I started thinking about how many things are different here from what I’m used to at home – the slang, the accents, the food (I’m now addicted to flat white coffees and the warm croissant breakfast sandwiches that just have cheese and tomato), the fact that they call underwear “pants’ and pants “trousers”. I was also thinking about how similar the bookkeepers and accountants are to myself and my colleagues back home.

The differences are pretty obvious; they have different payroll rules, and they have GST, not a myriad of sales tax like we do here at home and fiscal year start and end are just a few.

What I love are the similarities. As bookkeepers and accountants, we all pretty much want the same thing: to support our clients as best we can. To come across as the hero to them, swooping in to help them set up an effective system with efficient processes so that they can get accurate data to help them run their businesses. We want to be able to service our clients in the most efficient way we can, and do it in a way that creates a comfortable working relationship for everyone.

One the session we’re doing during this training is where I tell the story of converting my practice to an online/remote model and getting them to start thinking about how to do it for their own practices. I ask the group to identify 3 clients they currently have that they consider good prospects for converting to QuickBooks Online, and think of 3 objections they might get in trying to transition these clients. Then as a group, we work through countering these objections or ways to offer an incentive to help these clients to move online. It has really turned out to be a good way to bring everyone together and help understand another important part of moving clients online, which is to create a network of colleagues with whom they will be able to exchange referrals.

An attendee told me that she really enjoyed the morning session because as the day went on, and my training partner, Kamlesh Mahtani, walked them through hands on training – moving from QuickBooks Online Simple Start, Essentials then Plus – certain features were prompting her to think of additional clients that would be a good fit for QuickBooks Online. Exactly what we were hoping to do, so the training team was ecstatic.

One of my favorite things was that the 3 groups in Sydney have the same types of clients that we do in the states; the comments and little jokes that I make when presenting at Scaling New Heights hit the same with all of these clients.

I’m finishing this post here in Adelaide, where we have a smaller group, and it sounds like each of them have a wide variety of clients. I can’t wait to get up and talk to them about how they work with their clients and sharing QuickBooks Online with them – a solution that has worked well for me to manage my own practice and that has solved so many pain points for my clients as well.

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