Recap of Training In Melbourne

Sorry this took so long to post! Last week was a blur of jet lag and my 4 year old repeating “Momma, lookit me! Momma, watch me!” over and over.

Oh Melbourne; I’ve never fallen in love with a city like I did with you. Not to take away my experiences in Sydney and Adelaide, but the CITY itself? I adored it.

As with our previous groups, the attendees in Melbourne were a joy. A little chattier than Sydney, not as raucous as Adelaide, but just as wonderful a group as both.

We had the first 2 Certified ProAdvisors at training in Melbourne: Diane Lucas and Lauretta Finis. It was great to hear their feedback on what they loved about the product vs what needed some work (much of it centered around fine tuning GST, and we made sure to let the product development team at Intuit know).

Diane helped with the presentation by doing the GST portion and offering many helpful hints in dealing with reporting and lodgment of the BAS; and Lauretta yet again came to my rescue by helping me with the GST vs Sales Tax post I did before leaving Oz. (Thanks also to Diane for the assist on that one!)

There were many questions about SOS Inventory, so we’re doing a QBO Clinic this week with the developer, Neal Shaw.

There also seemed to be different types of questions than the other cities. Sydney seemed to ask more about how the product worked, while Adelaide was just ecstatic to see a brand new online offering (as I mentioned before, most of them had never seen the product at all), and Melbourne seemed to have the most experience with it and offered many suggestions on what they would like to see – in regards to new features and improvements to existing functionality.

I feel like I’m beating a dead horse here, but the recurring theme of the trip was so wonderfully prevalent again – the similarities were more than the differences.

I had a chance to be interviewed by the lovely Sholto MacPherson of Box Free IT, and am currently in the process of working on some training videos and blog posts for William Maher of Business IT. So exciting!

One last quick comment  – we had our CLOSEST game of QBO “Jeopardy” in Melbourne. One of the days it came down the very last question. Such a blast!!!

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